Lock & Co. Hatters

In the quest for a top-notch hat in London, one need only whisper the words “Lock & Co.” and watch as heads nod in approval. This venerable establishment has been adorning noggins with style since 1676, back when wigs were still considered cutting-edge fashion accessories. Picture this: while America was still sorting out its independence issues, Lock & Co. was already the go-to spot for anyone serious about headwear. That’s right, they’ve been in the game so long they practically invented the concept of “hat game” itself! Their client roster reads like a who’s who of history’s most stylish folks. From monarchs to movie stars, Lock & Co. has had the pleasure of fitting hats for the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson, and even Queen Elizabeth herself (coronation day would’ve been a millinery frenzy, no doubt). And let’s not forget their contribution to cinematic history! You know that iconic bowler hat Charlie Chaplin rocked? Yeah, Lock & Co. dreamed that up, giving ol’ Charlie his signature look. Talk about leaving a mark on the world! With such a star-studded fanbase, Lock & Co. doesn’t just sell hats; they sell experiences. Whether you’re attending a royal affair or just want to feel a bit fancy while walking your dog, Lock & Co. has got you covered—literally. So next time you’re in need of headwear that screams sophistication, do yourself a favor and pop by Lock & Co. It’s where style meets centuries-old savoir-faire. 6 St James’s St, St. James’s, London SW1A 1EF, UK +44 20 7930 8874 www.lockhatters.co.uk