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Discover the world’s most prestigious and long lasting, iconic brands. From the masters of fine gentlemen’s tailoring on London’s Savile Row to Paris’ most famous perfumer, we give you access, you do the shopping.

J. Press


J. Press J. Press J. Press

51 E 44th St. New York, NY. 10017

When it comes to American heritage brands, few come close to J Press in terms of quality, style and legacy. Starting out as tailors for the students of Yale University in 1906, J Press began one of America’s most identifiable sartorial trends: Preppy Style. Since then, the brand went on to dress from celebrities to politicians, forever defining American fashion.

Belgian Shoe Co.


Belgian Shoe Co. Belgian Shoe Co. Belgian Shoe Co.

110 East 55th St. New York, NY. 10017

Have you ever walked on air? If you answered no then you’ve never tried on a pair of loafers from the Belgian Shoe Company. Founded by Henri Bendel in 1955, the Belgian Shoe Company quickly became one of New York’s favorite shoe stores. Today, they continue to delight feet everywhere, still using the same quality materials and techniques.

Roger et Gallet


J. Press J. Press J. Press

195 Rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

To stand out amongst Paris’ perfume makers is a tall order, but its something Roger et Gallet has been doing for literal centuries. Famous for its timeless products, Roger et Gallet was the brand of choice for Napoleon himself, who used to almost bathe in the iconic Jean Marie Farina; a scent still being sold today.