For those who need a visual representation of cool, look no further than Leclaireur in the Marais. This concept store’s assortment of top brands, independent designers, and even fashion students is unparalleled in Paris, some would argue the world. Leclaireur is a store that breaks every retail rule, when you first walk in you might think you are in a fragrance store, but following a long hidden hallway will lead you to fashion Valhalla. Merchandise is both impeccably styled out in the open, or taking refuge behind walls that move at the push of a button. Names like Gucci, Martin Margiella and Versace rub shoulders with emerging designers, some of whom haven’t even left design school, making Leclaireur eclectic and exclusive. 40 Rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris, France +33 1 48 87 10 22 www.leclaireur.com