The Atomic Lounge

It only takes one look at the Atomic Lounge’s eclectic decor and you’ll soon realize you’re inside one of Birmingham’s coolest watering holes. One sip of their intriguing cocktails and you’ll taste why the Lounge was recognized by the James Beard Foundation for their outstanding bar program. One glance at the costume wearing clientele and you’ll come to realize there is no other place like this. Always playing tribute to the city it calls home, the bar is divided into unique and whimsical spaces that transport you to either someone’s living room (complete with sofas, TVs and a fireplace) or to a lush jungle surrounded by foliage. It’s best to take in the surroundings of the bar with one of their famed drinks in hand like the refreshing Chase Lewis or the legendary Sex Panther. 2113 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 983-7887