The Red Door Gallery The Pop Culture Cookbook

Whether it’s the sumptuously animated feasts of Hayao Miyazaki or the mouth watering meals of Roald Dahl stories, the weird and wonderful dishes we see on screen were always just out of reach. The Pop Culture Cookbook was put together to help you finally recreate all those visual delicacies in your own kitchen.

There’s lots of delicious recipes to choose from from pop cultural touchstones like Friends, Shrek, Stranger Things, The Legend of Zelda, and many more. Each has been prepared to be as screen accurate as we could manage, and all the ingredients should be easily found within your local supermarket.

All the dishes have been illustrated by some of the best emerging illustrators from around the world, and are all vegetarian friendly.

The book is over 70 pages and features 30 recipes from all over the pop cultural spectrum.

£ 14.00

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