Kunsthandel Stephan Andreewitch Floor Clock

Clockmaker : Franciscus Seiffner
Date : Budapest around 1795
Dimensions : H 214 x W 56 x D 32 cm
Description : Franciscus Seiffner fecit Pesthini
Power duration: 8 days, mahogany veneered case in the form of a fluted column, carved and gold-plated applications and crowning, enamel dial, central seconds, perpetual calendar with retrograde jumping date display, displays for the day of the week with regent of the day, month with signs of the zodiac, display of the four seasons, eccentric Time display under the center with standing Roman numerals, fire-gilded brass hands, rimmed and gilded bezel, return escapement, pendulum spring suspension, brass rod seconds pendulum, repair engraving on the plate: Johan Hillrich directed the striking of his invention, 1833, November 1st.

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