Johan and Noystrom Colombia Decaf

A fantastic decaf with flavors of caramel, apple and spices. Definitely the best decaf coffee you have ever drunk.

In the famous region of Huila in southwestern Colombia, about 50 small-scale farmers form the group La Serrania. In the mountains around the city of Pitalito, they grow the varieties Caturra and Colombia. Each farmer first processes the coffee individually. The caffeine is then reduced when the coffee from all the farmers has been collected. The caffeine is carefully removed by steaming the coffee beans and then immersing them in a liquid of water and ethyl acetate that binds to the caffeine. Ethyl acetate comes from fermented sugar cane, and is also a naturally occurring substance in various fruits. Once the coffee has been taken out of the liquid, it is steamed again and dried before shipping.

115 KR

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