Johan and Noystrom Burundi Gitwe Farm

Burundi Gitwe Farm from our friends at Long Miles Coffee is a delicious washed coffee with flavors of peach, black currant and green tea. 

The Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi was started by the Americans Ben and Kristy Carlson, who moved to Burundi when they discovered the potential of Burundi’s coffee. In 2013, the first washing station, Bukeye, was built, and the following year, Heza was built. This coffee comes from their oak  small farm in Gitwe, Kayanza  near Heza  

The idea with the farm is mainly to show the growers in the area how to  best  run a  coffee farm . Here you show how to best increase your harvest, fight diseases and insect infestations and raise your quality.  

In general, knowledge among growers  in Burundi is  relatively low, but Long Miles is actively trying to raise it, partly to get a bigger harvest  but also to raise the quality. Both of these factors lead to increased incomes for growers. 


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