Doughnut Plant Choose Your Own Cake Doughnut Dozen


Doughnut Plant ships its famous doughnuts nationwide on Goldbelly! This pack of 12 cake doughnuts is inspired by the tastes of Doughnut Plant’s hometown of NYC and includes 12 doughnuts of your choosing.

Since 1994, New York City’s Doughnut Plant has been a pioneer of hand-crafted doughnuts, making deliciously original doughnuts by hand, every day, using owner Mark Isreal’s grandfather’s recipe from 1910, when this family first got into the baking business. Isreal’s visionary use of the highest quality all-natural ingredients, fresh and seasonal fruit glazes, and original flavor combinations has built a devoted following. Doughnut Plant has been named one of the best doughnut shops in the U.S. by countless media outlets.

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