Caj Chai Barcelona Tea Blend

This refreshing and relaxing Barcelona Tea Blend was created by Caj Chai Teahouse as a soothing, digestive herbal tea to calm the nerves and ease tension. Our idea was to create a fresh, organic blend to help loosen up, unwind at the end of the day (or whenenever you need it). We wanted to create an infusion that represented Barcelona, naturally sweet and refreshing. All the aromatic herbs we’ve used are organic and locally grown in the Spanish Pyranees in a tiny town called Gombreny by our dear friends Aroa and Miki at Aromik. We highly you recommend this precious, pristine, mountain region when you visit! This original blend consists of organic herbs: Melissa, Lemon Verbena, Chocolate Mint, Wild Thyme, Sage and Summer Savory.

6,00€ / 50gr. iva inc

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