Cox & Power

Tucked away in Chiltern Street lies one of London best and most sophisticated jewelers, Cox & Power. Taking pride in their top of the line craftsmanship, this intimate boutique proudly displays their creations, from contemporary designs to heritage pieces for patrons to admire. What makes this store even more alluring is the small workshop at the back, where most of their pieces are crafted for anyone to see, bringing a fresh take to an ancient craft. Throughout their 30 year history, Cox & Power has delighted fashionistas, collectors and brides to be with their imaginative designs, luxurious metals, and precious stones. Today, they still retain the same quality and attention to detail, all while dealing in Fair trade and Fair mined metals. 10-12 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 4PX, UK +44 20 7935 3530