Aunt Sally’s Pralines | New Orlean’s Favorite Pralines

Aunt Sally’s Pralines may be the best reason to ditch your diet -if you so chose to have one- when visiting New Orleans. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Aunt Sally’s has been churning handmade, decadent pralines since 1935. Today, the same mesmerizing smell of boiling sugar, pecans and chocolate beckons passersby into the store where they can witness the master candy maker turn molten deliciousness into bite sized pieces of heaven. As if scent alone wasn’t enough to draw you in, they also offer free samples…that should do the trick. Sharing Decatur street with other New Orlean’s staples like Cafe du Monde and Central Grocery, Aunt Sally’s has become must in any French Quarter visit bucket list. Besides their to-die-for pralines, Aunt Sally’s is home to a gift shop where you can stock up on favorite local souvenirs like hot sauce and beignet mix, but your loved ones are not truly loved if they don’t get a box a pralines. 810 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA +15049446090